Our weekend Gourmet Italian menu served, Friday - Sunday. (Untill Sell out!) 


Arancini Balls (Veg) - £4 (3 Balls) 
Lightly fried balls filled with Mozzarella and rice cooked in a creamy mushroom sauce, seasoned with chili & garlic - served with a homemade Chili Jam. 
Polenta Chips (Veg or Vegan) - £4 (5 Chips) 
Large thick cut chips lightly fried to achieve a lovely tanned exterior with a fluffy golden inside, seasoned with chili and spices along with garlic - Served with a homemade fiery garlic aioli.  
Mozzarella Sticks (Veg) - £4 (5 Sticks) 
Golden crispy wedges of mozzarella fried to perfection - served with a homemade Chili Jam. 
Chilli Garlic Prawn Sliders - £8 (2 Sliders) 
Mini Slider burgers filled with Jumbo king prawns marinated and cooked in fiery smoked garlic chili sauce, served with a dressing of Mango chili salsa to finish of this delicious flavour combination. 
Chicken Parmigiana Sliders - £8 (2 Sliders) 
Crispy butterfly chicken breast topped with mozzarella cheese and a ladle of homemade rich sweet marinara sauce, all layered into a crispy slider burger bun. 


Open Stuffed Mushroom with Veg Risotto (Veg/GF) - £10 
Herb crusted stuffed mushroom baked in the oven to leave with a crispy finish on a bed of veg risotto. 
Three Tomato Pasta (Vegan/GF) - £8 
Sundried tomato & sweet baby tomatoes cooked into a rich sauce made from vine tomatoes which is topped onto fresh gluten free mezzi rigatoni pasta. A light and refreshing meal!! 
Creamy Chili Pesto Chicken & Prawns pasta - £10 
Chicken and & prawns matched with tagliatelle all submerged and cooked in a creamy spicy pesto sauce garnished in spinach. 
Spinach tagliatelle in creamy mushroom sauce (Veg) - £8 
Pasta made from spinach cooked in a rich & creamy mushroom sauce. 
Stuffed Pepper with broccoli and crispy kale (Vegan/GF) - £8 
Whole bell peppers stuffed with spicy rice, with grilled garlic broccoli and finished with crispy kale. 


£4 EACH 
Sprinkle Cake 
Retro Sprinkle cake take a trip back to your childhood!  
Chocolate Brownie 
A gooey chocolate brownie with white chocolate mixed into perfection! 

Sauces and Oils 

£1 EACH 
Homemade Fiery Garlic Aioli 
Homemade Chili Jam 


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amazing food 
Soon to come. 
amazing food 
Soon to come 
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